Lodge Executive Committee

Lodge Officers:

To get in contact with a Lodge Officer or Adviser, please email to admin@oalodge491.org 

Lodge Chief:

    James Verheyden     

Immediate Past Lodge Chief:

    Conley Thom

Lodge Treasurer:

    Matthew Blankenship

Lodge Vice Chief of Administration:

    Richard Stockton

Lodge Vice Chief of Activities:

    Dirk Smelser

Lodge Vice Chief of Membership:

    Brendan Dearing

Lodge Vice Chief of Programs:

    Jonathan Morris

Lodge Committee Chair of Vigil Nomination:

    Seth Roy

Lodge Advisors:

Lodge Advisor:

    Mark Smith - LodgeAdviser@OALodge491.org

Lodge Staff Advisor:

    Kevin Patterson - Supreme Chief of Fire - Council Executive

Lodge Associate Advisor (Administration):

    Kevin Padrick

Lodge Associate Advisor (Treasurer):

    Kevin Padrick 

Lodge Associate Advisor (Activities):

    Mark Smith

Lodge Associate Advisor (Membership):

    Sean Jacox

Lodge Associate Advisor (Programs):

    Mark Smith

Lodge Associate Advisor (Vigil Nomination):

    Mark Smith

Supreme Chief of the Fire:

    Kevin Patterson


Amangi Kuwe (Big Pines District):

    Chief: Daniel Stockton
    Advisor: Michelle Stockton

DaGelMa (Roaring Rouge District):

    Chief: Caleb Cross
    Advisor: Laurie Cross

Hyas Lamonte (Fremont District):

    Chief: Ethan Decker
    Advisor: Mike Goswick

Klamath: (Klamath District)

    Chief: Scott Renslow
    Advisor: Ken Goswick

Mow-A-Toc: (Pacific Rivers)

    Chief: Alex Rice
    Advisor: Daniel Washburn