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High Adventure at Camp Makualla offers a variety of program and adventures for youth and leaders and is one of the premier high adventure programs in the Pacific Northwest. Many of the adventures are done outside of camp. Whitewater rafting, rock climbing at Smith Rock (the birthplace of modern american sport rock climbing), 22-handguns, action archery, 3D archery, spelunking, hiking and more! The image above is an actual Troop from camp whitewater rafting! Our High Adventure Staff takes pride in providing each participant a Mountain-Top Scouting Experience during these amazing adventures. CLICK HERE for more information
National High Adventure Camps
     Philmont                             New Mexico                  Backpacking, Various Programs
     Northern Tier                       Minnesota                     Canoe, Dog Sled, Snow Ski
     The Summit                        West Virginia                 Climbing, Whitewater, Mountain Biking
     Sea Base                            Florida Keys                  Scuba, Sailing, Fishing
     OA Adventure                     Various Locations           Various Adventures
High Adventures Bases in the Western Region

Crater Lake Council
Crescent Lake, OR 
Featuring:Whitewater, Spelunking, Climbing, Handguns, Hiking, Action Archery
Pacific Harbors Council
The Odyssey Adventure
Friday Harbor, WA
Featuring: Sailing
Grand Teton Council
Salmon River High Adventure
Salmon, ID
Featuring: Whitewater Kayaking
 Ore-Ida Council
Salmon River High Adventure
Riggins, ID
Featuring: Whitewater
Great Salt Lake Council
Teton High Adventure
Jackson Hole, WY 
Featuring: Whitewater, Backcountry
Utah National Parks Council
Entrada High Adventure
Moab, UT
Featuring: Climbing, Biking, Whitewater
Las Vegas Area Council
Del Web Adventure Base
Cedar City, UT 
Featuring: Trek, Climbing, ATV, Kayak 
Chief Seattle Council
Camp Parsons High Adventure
Quilcence, WA 
Featuring: Kayak, Canoe, Hiking